Hi Team. Last Sunday I learned more about bike handling in a single day
than any other day I can remember, including Super Bike School! Enrolled in
a course run by Dale Corser, yep, Troy's brother, Dmitri and I and headed to
Albion Park, near Wollongong. Based on 125cc Yamaha dirt bikes, his approach
is definitely aimed at anything on two wheels.

Dale has successfully raced almost everything on two wheels and some things on water, like jet skis.
Set out in a paddock with awesome scenery, everything is neat, planned and
as challenging as you want to make it. From hand controls, to moving your
bike on foot under power on the wrong side up hill, (think about it), to
slow races, he patiently teaches lots of skills you thought you knew.
Once you get the basics you would be amazed how fast you can corner on
grass..and falling off is ok too ! Ask Dmitri !! The bikes are big enough
to have serious fun on , but small enough to let you learn handling. And
jeez we had some fun. The last session is called free practice. Prices
start around $300 for the day, only 6 on any course, but he will seriously
discount for groups. Good food and drink included. He does beginners,
intermediate, and advanced.

I would recommend the day to everybody of any level of experience, and no, I
am not getting a freebie.! Dale Corser - Corser Concepts 0414552781
Peter B. Vice P. BA

Hi All,
Dmitri here, I agree with everything Peter just wrote in his report about
Corser Concepts. It is just amazing how much we learned and it felt
totally fun from start to finish.

I was pushing the limits of each skill too far many times but soft grassy
surface (what a great idea!) was very forgiving. Intersting that Dale did
not stop me but let me experience it all for myself, just gave some advices.

I am glad I did this course second time. First time was great, I felt a lot more confident
on my road bike but I was not ready for trial riding. After second time I feel that I finally grasped
the new set of skills. A brief ride to the top of the hill in the end was really easy and felt very safe.

I was very impressed with the professionalism of Dale & team. Thanks Dale for bringing Kyle in to help Josh & I get our riding skills up to speed with the more advanced riders in our class. Kyle was an excellent teacher. We weren’t sure what to expect on the day, the bikes & all the gear are excellent, it was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time & I will without hesitation, recommend all my friends who love riding to attend a class. I will certainly be back to learn more. Thanks again Dale & Kyle for an excellent day !
Crystal B
Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club

I’ll sum up this course simply, add up the cost of: a few days  off work, repair and/or recovery of your bike and throw in some new riding gear; if it’s cheaper than this course don’t do it.
Kelvin W
Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club

A big thanks to the Corser Concepts Motorbike School. Being new to riding a motorbike I learned how to ride a bike and gaining the confidence to take the experience further to do my licence in just a single day. All this while having great fun, being looked after by the team and enjoying the beautiful sights of the Illawarra. Looking forward to do my intermediate course in the near future.

Tobias G



Dale from one very experienced teacher to another – you’re a good one! Anyone who has the opportunity to work with you is in very capable hands. The thing that burns brightest about you is the passion you have for the craft of motorcycling. It’s infectious and makes for a very positive learning experience.

Thanks for a wonderful, personalised and inclusive day. It was great to be made to feel so welcome. Your professionalism and the quality of the operation that you’re building are a credit to you.

Maugan R


It was a fun and informative day. It gave you a lot to think about but wasn,t over-whelming. The structure was great with short breaks to help you re-evaluate what you were doing.

Thank you Dale, we really enjoyed the course.

Catherine A

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