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Students attending our schools all use Corser Concepts identically prepared small capacity 4 Stroke motorcycles. These Motorbikes are the perfect learning aid to help teach:


·         Smooth Clutch control

·         Smooth Throttle control

·         Smooth Brake control

·         rear wheel slides “in and out of corners”

·         Increased bike control confidence

The CONCEPT behind the use of these bikes is why risk having a super high speed crash on an expensive motorcycle when you can learn all the skills required to be a safer, more skilled rider at much safer lower speed?

This Concept of training has been used successfully for many years by chief instructor Dale Corser and his World Superbike Champion brother Troy Corser during there off seasons.


As bike skills are usually developed over a long time doing lap after lap, around and around, we condense the track size and design them to scale so that you will do more laps in less time, enabling you to refine your skills quicker then out on an open track or road. Each layout is carefully planned out and is designed to make you work harder once the speed picks up should you choose to do so, but at the same time designed to keep the speeds relatively low to prevent the risk of a serious injury from occurring.





The TT-R90E is perfect for young riders starting out. It features a 90cc four-stroke electric start engine with automatic clutch, 3 speed gear box, great suspension and drum brakes. A user friendly power band means that is perfectly suited for the 7-13 year old kids. We even use this bike for adults to help teach smooth throttle control without the added worry of the clutch.





The TTR 125 is an unbelievable machine that is perfectly suited for our school as it is able to teach all the fundamentals of riding a motorcycle, be it at beginner level or when being pushed by the more advanced rider. It handles and responds just like a full sized bike but as it lacks outright horsepower it assists in learning the importance of smooth riding. There is certain amount of enjoyment one gets when in being able to “ride the wheels” of a bike that are not normally attainable on larger more powerful machines. The TTR uses a bullet prove air-cooled engine that has plenty of torque available to teach rear wheel power slides and has a strong front and rear brakes that are perfect for teaching the art of “Backing it in” 




The XR100 has been around a long time and is known for it,s superior ease of use. We usually start out the complete novice adults and kids on the XR100,s and move them up to the TTR as they progress. The XR100 has a low seat height, is super quite and has super low revving 4 stroke that is not intimidating or difficult to ride.



Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions regarding our bikes. Alternatively check out the FAQ,s section 




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